wo 20 mei 2015 | 20:00 | Grote Zaal |

Loco Toko Picture Show | Comedy

Enjoy an evening of fun, film and laughter at the Loco Toko Picture Show! We’re licensed to kill one of your favorite movies with a unique combination of stand-up, improv, sketches and audience interaction that makes each show an unforgettable event. This time ‘Die Another Day’ will be shaken and stirred. Your mission is to order a vodka martini and join us for a thrilling night out. We expect you to die …laughing.
I.c.w. FBMG, Cedo Nulli, ED, In Duplo, ACE & FAECTOR


Loko Toko Picture Show
Woensdag 20 mei, 20.00 tot 22.00 uur
Erasmus Paviljoen, woudestein
Toegang € 5,-

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