Tue Nov 17 2020

Sweet Sinterklaas packages and Home grill dishes

We are celebrating all the December holidays in a special way this year. How? By creating festive sweet Sinterklaas surprises and luxurious gourmet dishes. Gourmetten is a typical Dutch way... more

Tue Nov 3 2020

Home delivery

It is finally time! We are very excited to announce that from now on you can enjoy our food at home. Very easy ordered at Thuisbezorgd. Our menu contains our... more

Thu May 21 2020

Corona measures

We would like to inform you about our Corona measures. They are basically the same as in the rest of the Netherlands, but we will repeat it just to be... more

Fri Aug 30 2019

Smoke-free campus

Erasmus University Rotterdam attaches great value to providing a healthy working and learning environment. From August 2020, the university campus will therefore be completely smoke-free. From August 2020, the campus... more

Wed Feb 6 2019

Too Good To Go

Each year, over 10 million tonnes of food is thrown away, that’s the weight of 190 Titanics! This waste is estimated to be worth 17 billion a year. That’s 700 euro per family per year spent on... more

Tue Jan 17 2017

May we introduce you to

May we introduce you to our tree? His name is Frits and he is a Ficus Benjamina. He is with us since the beginning and he drinks more than an... more

Wed Aug 24 2016

3d location view

The Erasmus pavilion is very high-tech and up to date! From this day on you can take a digital 3d look in our multifuctional building. So if you want to... more

Thu Sep 3 2015

Coffee Happy Hour

Monday till Friday from 9:00 till 10:00 all our coffees are only 1,50!