Tue Nov 17, 2020

Sweet Sinterklaas packages and Home grill dishes

We are celebrating all the December holidays in a special way this year. How?
By creating festive sweet Sinterklaas surprises and luxurious gourmet dishes. Gourmetten is a typical Dutch way of eating together.
Now you can enjoy all kinds of treats at home, put together by us with the help of our local suppliers.
For example filled speculaas from Koekela, fresh fish from Schmidt sea fish, delicious bread from Jordy’s bakery and meat from de Zeeuw’s
For people who want to support the Erasmus Paviljoen, it’s a win-win situation. You help us out and get great food in return.
Easy to order by emailing info@erasmuspaviljoen.nl or order by phone (010-4089744)

We offer multiple possibilities.
Sweet Sinterklaas surprise packages and luxurious gourmet dishes that are perfect for Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years.

Sinterklaas Sweet Surprise packages

Filled speculaas from Koekela, peper-and kruidnoten and a piece of banketstaaf from Snoeks bakery, a little present and the rest is a surprise
This arrangement is 10,75.
Do you prefer sugar free? No problem, we also have sweet without sugar from Sue Sweets.

Luxurious gourmet dishes*

15,95 p.p.
29,95 2 p.
44,95 3 p.
59,95 4 p.

*All dishes are including bread from Jordy’s bakery (we can finish the baking for your or you can bake the last 10 min at home)
tomato, cucumber, vegetables to panfry (bell pepper mix, mushrooms, baby corn, bimi, onions and zucchini)
a salad of choice (with meat, fish or vegetarian) herbs butter, aioli, tapenade, sate sauce and (vegan)mayonnaise.

**Extra portion of bread, vegetables, salad or spreads +2,75

Marinated- steak, pork and chicken, mini hamburgers, turkey merguez sausages and slavink (minced meat wrapped in bacon)

Gambas in garlic oil, marinated salmon, cod, sole fillet and haddock.

Vegan burger, vegetarian chicken teriyaki, falafel, no-meat balls and no-bratwurst.

A hard time choosing? You can also assemble your own dish by choosing 5 products from the meat/fish/vegetarian dishes.

How to order?

You order by emailing info@erasmuspaviljoen.nl. In the email you let us know which package or dish you want.
But you can also order by phone on 010-4089744.

The Sinterklaas treats and gourmet dishes for Sinterklaas order till November 26.
Pick up or home delivery (+2,50) on December 4 and 5 from 10:00 till 20:00.

Christmas gourmet dishes order till December 18.
Pick up or home delivery (+2,50) on December 4 from 10:00 – 20:00 and December 5 from 10:00 – 16:00

New years gourmet dishes order till December 24.
Pick up or home delivery (+2,50) on December 30 from 10:00 – 20:00 and December 31 from 10:00 – 16:00.

Home delivery is in a 20 km radius.

We wish you very happy SinterChristmasNewyear!


Tue Nov 17, 2020

Sweet Sinterklaas packages and Home grill dishes

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