Food & drinks

We are open Monday till Friday from 8:30 till 21:00
(kitchen from 11:00 till 20:00)


(everyday from 8:30 till 10:30) 4.95

Bun, croissant, a boiled egg, a slice of cheese and smoked chicken, jam and butter,

a cup of coffee, tea, cappuccino or espresso

(orange juice = +1.50)


 (everyday from 11:00 till 16:00) 6.50

Meat: Smoked duck, balsamic, figs, mixed salad

Fish: Shrimp salad, cocktail sauce, spring onion, mixed salad

Vegetarian: Feta, Tomato, olives, capers, olive oil, organo

Vegan: Lentil spread, grilled bell pepper, rucola, crispy corn

Hot sandwich (available till 16:00)

Bun, baked ham and mustard sauce 7.75


Black bean soup small 4.25 big 5.25


Fish: Smoked salmon, capers, red onions, cucumber, truffle/mustard vinaigrette, mixed salad, lemon 9.75, big 10.75

Vegetarian: Fennel, orange, olives, walnuts, French vinaigrette, mixed salad, cress 9.75, big 10.75

Pavilion bowl

Sushi rice, tempeh, soy beans, kimchee, cucumber, fennel, pickled onions, Thai sauce, sesame (wonton garni) 11.25

Also available in vega(n) option


Soybeans with sea salt 4

Day special

Beef, noodles, season vegetables, Thai sauce, sesame 15


Vegetarian: Penne, provolone sauce, tomato, spring onions, pecan nuts 11, big 12

Fish: Pasta of the day, shrimps, bimi, dill cream sauce, parmesan small 11, big 12

Extra toppings:
Rucola, parmesan cheese, + 0.75


Crème fraîche, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, pesto, pinenuts, rucola 8.50


Flatbread off beetroot, avocado crème, feta, red onions, jalepenos, rucola 9.25



Homemade pizzas

Margherita: Mozzarella, tomato sauce, tomatoes, oregano, basil 9.50
(also available with vegan cheese)
Vegetarian: Mozzarella, provola cheese, bimi, onions 10.50
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, salami, chorizo, mushroom 10.50

Fries with rosemary and garlic herbs 4.50
Including mayonnaise or ketchup


Beefburger: Beefburger on a brioche bun with bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, tomato salsa, pickles and
red onions 10.75
Burger menu
: Beefburger with coleslaw,
fries and mayonnaise 13.75

Vegetarian burger: Lentil burger on a brioche bun with jalapeños, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, tomato salsa
and red onions 10.75
Vegetarian burger menu
: Vegetarian burger with coleslaw, fries and mayonnaise 13.75

Vegan burger: Lentil burger on whole wheat bread with vegan mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, tomato salsa, red onions and jalapeños 10.75
Vegan burger menu
: Vegan burger with a green salad, fries and mayonnaise 13.75

Extra mayonnaise + 0.50
Extra ketchup + 0.50



Meat: Brioche bun with a croquette and mustard
: Brioche bun with a vegetarian
croquette and mustard


Beef bitterballen , 6 pieces 5.10
Butterfly shrimps, 8 pieces 5.90

Spicy chicken dipper 5.90

Cheese sticks, 8 pieces 5.90
Farmer cheese cubes 3.75

Fries 4.50
Portion of olives, 3
Vegan spring rolls, 8 pieces 4.95
Vegan bitterballen Cas&Kas, 6 pieces 5.10
Jackfruit croquettes 6 pieces 5.75
Dumplings (edamame ginger) 8 pieces 5.75

Snack platters

Mixed platter with bitterballen, vegan bitterballen, butterfly shrimps and mixed nuts.
3 pieces of each/or 4 pieces/or 5 pieces – 8/10/12

Vegetarian platter
with vegan bitterballen, cheese sticks, veggie spring rolls
and mixed nuts.
3 pieces of each/or 4 pieces/or 5 pieces – 8/10/12

Vegan platter with vegan bitterballen, Jackfruit croquettes, dumplings and mixed nuts.
3 pieces of each/or 4 pieces/or 5 pieces – 8/10/12

Large mixed platter with 15 beef bitterballen, 10 butterfly shrimps and 10 cheese sticks 26.50

Large vegetarian platter
with 15 vegan bitterballen, 10 cheese sticks and 10 veggie spring rolls 26.50

Large vegan platter
with 15 vegan bitterballen, 10 Jackfruit croquettes and 10 dumplings 26.50

Sweets from Koekela

Brownie 2.75
Blondie 2.75
Granola bar  2.55
Carrot cake 4.30
Lemon meringue 4.30
Chocolate cake 4.30

Cake of the week 4.30

Homemade apple pie 4.30

Sweets without sugar

From Sue sweets: a variety of flavors 4.30

Hot drinks

Coffee/espresso 3
Double coffee 4.30
Double espresso 4
Cappuccino 3.30
Double cappuccino 5
Latte 3.50
Espresso macchiato 3.10
Latte macchiato 4.30
Flat white 4.50
Extra shot espresso 1.50

Tea, different flavours 3
Fresh mint or ginger tea 3.30

Special coffee 4

Special tea 3.30

Hot chocolate with whipped cream 3.75

Every take away dish is +0.50 for the disposables.
You can always bring your own disposables/Tupperware.


Pepsi cola, Pepsi cola max, 7up, Orangina 3.10
Sourcy blue/red 2.95
Earth water 75 cl 6.95
Jug water (flat or sparkling) with fresh mint
or citrus slices 3.75
Fill your own bottle with cool and
filtered tap water 0.50
Ice tea, Ice tea green, Tonic, Ginger ale, Ginger beer 3.40
Milk small 2.30/regular 2.50
Chocomel small 2.75/regular 3.10

Blood orange, lime, passionfruit, ginger 3.75

Red bush, Mate 3.75

Pinky rose
Spiced lemon & rose 3.75
Floral ginger & orange 3.75

Home-made Smoothie 

Mango, chai spices, yogurt, coconut milk small 3.75/big 4.75

Home-made Power Juice 

Cucumber, ginger, beetroot, carrot small 3.75/ big 4.75

Fresh Juices

Orange juice small 3.50/regular 4.75
Apple juice small 3.50/regular 4.50



Heineken 0,25 lt 3.05
Heineken 0,5 lt 5.65
Pitcher Heineken 1,5 lt 15.10
Lagunitas IPA 5.50
La Chouffe 5.40
Beer of the season 5.40
Texels Skuumkoppe 5.40



Affligem Blond, white 4.80
Mort subite kriek 4.05   
Desperados 5.10
Birra Moretti 3.50 
Belgisch blond 4.80 

Low alcohol
Heineken 0.0% 3.50

Amstel Radler 0.0%/2% 3.40/3.80

Brand weizen 0.0%/IPA 0.0% 3.75

Affligem blond 0.0% 4.05

Lightship Cider Original 4.35
Lightship Val de France 5.30

Kaapse Beer

Kaapse Karel (Glute free) 4.30

Kaapse Harrie 4.30

Kaapse Carrie 4.30

Kaapse Louise 4.30


House wine

White wine
Leafs Sauvignon, Chili
This wine has a very fruity taste with a hint of elderflower.
Glass 3.75

Leafs Chardonnay, Chili
This wine is full, fruity, butterly with a tropical tatste.
Glass 3.75

Kronenland (sweet) Germany.
Sweet and fruity blend.
Glass 3.75
Bottle 1 liter 19.50

Red wine
Leafs Cabernet Sauvignon, Chili
This wine has a full and spicy taste, with a character full of black and red fruit.
Glass 3.75 Bottle 20.50

Extra wine

White wine

Cattarrato Pinot Grigio,Vegan en BIO, Italië, Sicilië.
Pleasant organic wine with aromas of citrus and exotic fruits. Pleasant and smooth in the taste with tropical nuances interspersed with ripe citrus notes and a minerality that provides a refreshing aftertaste.
Glas 4.75
Fles 0.75 lt 19.50

Gérard Bertrand Change Chardonnay – BIO, Frankrijk Languedoc
Beautiful bright golden yellow color. The nose is complex and with scents of flowers, vanilla and fresh fruit notes. The taste, balanced and round with aromas of yellow and exotic fruits, and notes of honey and vanilla.
Glas 4.75
Fles 0.75 lt 19.50

Red wine

Fedele Nero d’Avola- Vegan en BIO, Italië, Sicilië.
Tasteful organic wine from the Nero d’Avola grape native to Sicily. Dark colored and characterized by the presence of a lot of red and black fruit, slightly spicy but above all smooth drinkable and pleasantly refreshing.
Glas 4.75
Fles 0.75 lt 19.50

Rosé wine
Gérard Bertrand Change Chardonnay – BIO, Frankrijk Languedoc
The wine has a shiny and soft salmon pink color. Red fruit on the nose, such as raspberry, cherry, strawberry and pomegranate. The mouth is fresh and clean with notes of red fruit and white flowers.
Glas 4.75
Fles 0.75 lt 19.50


Cava classic brut, Spain, Penedes.
A sparkling Cava with smooth bubbles and tones of green apple, citrus, fresh herbs and flowers.

Alchohol free bubbles are also available.

Piccolo 0.187 lt  7.95
Bottle 0.75 liter 26


Aperol Spritz  7.50

Bring me back to Bali 8.50

Strawberry Daquiri 8.50
Pornstar Martini 8.50
Espresso Martini 8.50

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