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Brown Bag Lecture: How to deal with China | Fokke Obbema

Should Europe fear the world’s new economic super power? Is it possible to establish a solid relationship with China? And how do we overcome the huge political and cultural differences? Fokke Obbema – former correspondent at de Volkskrant and author of ‘China and Europe. Where two worlds meet’ (2013) – travelled throughout both China and Europe, and spoke to entrepreneurs, students, politicians and experts. In his lecture he reports on this research.

Will China be the yellow danger or the golden dawn? Obbema shows how China is changing and how globalization affects diplomacy and international trade. He elaborates on how feelings of superiority from both sides influence the relationship between China and Europe. And he makes us think about the future role of European countries.

Fokke Obbema works at the Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant. He was an economics editor and a French correspondent. At the moment he is a frequent contributor on subjects involving both Europe and China.

This lecture is a cooperation between SG Erasmus, NGIZ (Dutch Society for International Affairs) and prof. dr. Ko Colijn (EUR).

The Brown Bag Lectures of SG Erasmus offer a new insight or an inspiring guest speaker. The English spoken lunch lectures are held every week on Tuesday or Wednesday from 12.30 to 13.30 hrs. in the auditorium of the Erasmus Pavilion and are freely accessible, also for non-students. The kitchen of the Erasmus Pavilion is open for lunch, but bringing your own lunch is also allowed during this program.

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