Wed Oct 30, 2013 | 12.30 - 13.30 | Theatre |

Brown Bag Lecture: Philip Hans Franses

Lunch lecture on econometrics and its impact on everyday life.

Prof. Philip Hans Franses explains and points what is key and upcoming in the field of (applied) econometrics, the discipline in which former Erasmus Professor Jan Tinbergen won a Noble Price. The image of the field (boring, extremely difficult, etc.) is diametrically opposed to its gigantic impact on everyday life, society and science. But how does this influence of econometrics work in such diverse fields as calculating the risks of a financial product or predicting the length of skirts and dresses? Econometrics never was that clear and cool before!

Prof. Dr. Philip Hans Franses is Dean of the Erasmus School of Economics and Professor of Applied Econometrics and Professor of Marketing Research

(English spoken / admission free)



Organized by: SG Erasmus

English spoken Entrance: free More information: Website SG Erasmus

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