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Percussion Workshop

by Sattar al Saadi, before the concert (17.00 – 19.00):


Wed Oct 7, 2015 | 20:00-22:00 | Theatre |

Camerata | Concert (with workshop & afterparty)

The Rotterdam based orchestra Camerata Rotterdam will show you the thin line between classical and popular music with the sparkling and exciting works of Ravel and Piazolla. After the concert there will be a musicalafterparty in the grand café of the Paviljoen. And there will be a specialworkshop before the concert.
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What is classical music, what is popular? In this programme, Camerata presents two composers (Ravel & Piazzolla) with two different backgrounds, facing each other.

About the concert:

While Maurice Ravel began as a classical musician, the starting point of Astor Piazzolla was popular music (Tango). However, they were both interested in other music styles. Ravel was mainly influenced by popular music and music from around the world. While Piazzolla was impressed by the classical music in his travels to the US and especially when he went to Paris.

Programme: Ravel & Piazzolla

In this programme of Ravel, the following pieces will be performed: His violin and cello sonata and the Sonatina for piano, in a string orchestra arrangement made for this special occasion. By Piazzolla, Camerata will present a selection of his Tangos for bandoneon.

Solist: Andreas Rokseth.

After the concert the audience will be able to draw its own conclusions about what classical music is, and what must be considered as popular music. And how thin (or thick) is the line that separates one from another.
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As part of the special concerts of Camerata (a concert with a short introduction and without a break) a special ‘meet and greet’ musical afterparty will be given in the grand café of the Erasmus Paviljoen. Musicians of Camerata will be playing some more music and with a drink and snack you can talk about the concert with the musicians. Dancing is allowed!

Percussion Workshop

by Sattar al Saadi, before the concert (17.00 – 19.00):

On the same day of the concert (17.00 – 19.00) there will be a special Percussion workshop. In this Percussion Workshop, Sattar al Saadi will compare the classical Western music with different popular music and the music of folkloric styles like Arabic Folk Music, checking together the contrast and the common points between them. Rhythm will be the main element and you will be able to experiment with it through your own experience. Come, participate and enjoy!

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After the workshop you will have time to eat something at the Erasmus Paviljoen or Foodcourt at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Price of the workshop in combination with the concert is € 20 for students and € 30 for others.

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