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Exhibition: Perspective/Moments/Reality

SG Erasmus presents the work of a student of the Erasmus University: PERSPECTIVE/MOMENTS/REALITY by Svilena Mateeva.

The new exhibition is on display in the foyer of the Erasmus Paviljoen from February 13th and lasts until mid-April.
This edition of the student gallery also offers the opportunity to purchase one of the artist’s work. All the proceeds will go to charity. See below for more information.

Life is filled with beautiful moments, which can be seen from different perspectives, felt by personal experiences and through different realities… My passion and hobby (photography) taught me how to use the skills of capturing moments for my own pleasure, which later on became a pleasure for my family and friends. Now I am sharing my passion and love with you, whoever and wherever you are, because we all need these different realities in order to understand the world around us! I would like to offer you a journey to some of my own perspectives and I hope that you will enjoy a lot of beautiful moments with me!

I am an IBA pre-master student at RSM Erasmus University. Currently I am 23 years old, originally from Bulgaria and passionate about photography and travelling. I am also proudly involved in Sustainable RSM, since I believe that sustainability and green-businesses are the future for every successful company. Some of my other hobbies include poetry and book writing, drawing, horse riding and yoga. This is my first photography exhibition and I am hoping that it will be followed by many more!

Is a charity exhibition supporting children in need of education, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person’s future. You have the opportunity to buy the photographs for the price of 30 Euros (per piece). All the collected money will directly be donated to Unicef STU Rotterdam.

Contact details:
E: svilenamateeva90@gmail.com
T: 061 922 7997

Photographer: Svilena Mateeva

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