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Flash forward | Photo contest

Students of Erasmus University Rotterdam are invited to submit a photograph depicting your vision for the future.

What are your hopes and dreams? Where would you like to see yourself working, living, or traveling? How do you picture the best possible future of your surroundings, the Netherlands or the world? What is your perspective? Students of Erasmus University Rotterdam are invited to submit a photograph depicting your vision for the future.

Join our photo contest. Give it your best shot!

The 32 most captivating photographs are on display in the lobby of the Erasmus Paviljoen from Tuesday 1 November until the end of this year. Former Photographer Laureate of the Netherlands, Ahmet Polat, selects a winner on Wednesday 9 November. The winning photograph will be published by Erasmus Magazine and the student will receive a voucher of € 50,- for an online photo printing service.

This competition takes place in conjunction with the arrival of Polats exposition Weer Toekomst (Future Again) in the Polak Building of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. On behalf of the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF), Polats exposition depicts the day-to-day-lives of former refugees in the Netherlands. This way he strives to break through stereotypical tragic images of refugees and takes a look on their path to a brighter future. Our competition will focus on your future ideals and visions for yourself, your surroundings or even the world.

The festive opening of the photo exposition takes place in the Erasmus Paviljoen on Wednesday November 9th. Ahmet Polat will present his work during the opening ceremony and also choose the winning photograph.

Please submit your picture before Monday 24 October, bearing in mind the following requirements:

  • A1 (portrait)-format: 59.4 x 84.1 centimetres
  • File in JPG, high resolution
  • Only one or two submissions are allowed per person
  • Depending on the number of participants, a selection will be made
  • Submission via wetransfer to
  • Submission deadline: Monday 24 October

If selected for the exposition, your attendance at the opening ceremony on Wednesday November 9th is required in order to celebrate the winning photograph and perhaps receive your prize! Your work will be available for you after the exhibition has taken place.

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