Wed Dec 4, 2013 | 20.00 | Theatre |

IFFR Specials

When the days shorten, the red velvet of the cinemas calls: SG Erasmus, ESN-Rotterdam and IFFR join forces in the monthly film nights concerning a specific theme. This edition we screen Sightseers, as a Right Movie Night Special, organized in cooperation with JFR.

The film will be introduced with a mini lecture by a professor of Erasmus School of Law.

About the film
Caravan trip through the English countryside turns out very different from expectations. No tourist attractions such as the Pencil Museum for the tender couple Tina and Chris, but a great murder vacation. Hilarious black comedy by the very talented Brit Ben Wheatley.

This very British, loose variation on Bonnie and Clyde and Badlands follows an apparently everyday couple who go on holiday together for the first time. Tina and Chris are both in their thirties. She lives at home with her dominant and fairly hysterical mother; he is a connoisseur of attractions such as the pencil museum in Keswick and the Valhalla for tram lovers, the Crich Tramway Village.
Once on holiday, they get to really know each other. Tina discovers that good-natured, gentle Chris has a darker side – he doesn’t hesitate to kill people who annoy him. In turn, she surprises him with the ease with which she goes along with his murderous lusts.

Organized by SG Erasmus, IFFR, ESN

Tickets € 2,- More information: Website SG Erasmus

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