Thu Nov 14, 2013 | 20.00 | Theatre |

Ro Theater: Garry Davis

The dream of a world citizen

A theaterperformance about the first wold citizen Garry Davis. The 91-year old human right activist is trying to reach a dream for over 60 years, that does not seem to be reachable Marjolijn van Heemstra made a theater piece based on a meeting with Garry Davis, in cooperation with Ro Theater and Frascati Producties. A performance about the (im)possibilities to live like your values. A piece on perseverance, optimism and the power of theater.

The 91-year old actor, piece activist and globalist Garry Davis decider after his military service during WO II, that he would never participate in a ‘performance’ that he does not believe in. He teared his American Pasport apart and declared himself as the first official world citizen. He became famous all over the world and could count on the support of people like Albert Einstein and Eleonoor Roosevelt. Many years he travelled with his own handmade pasport across countries, and thousands of people followed in his example. 65 years later, the once famous Davis lives as an unwanted alien in the United States of America, forgotten perhaps, but still combative. Van Heemstra visited him for a weekend, she wanted to know how he did it: believing in a dream for over 60 years, that seems unreachable and how to constantly resist a system that you do not believ ein. Garry Davis is a theater performance about persistence and the (im)possibility to live without compromising.

Language: Dutch

Tickets: Students: €5,- / employees: €10,-

Ticketsale via webshop SG Erasmus

Trailer of Garry Davis:

Teaser of Garry Davis:

 More information: Website RO Theater

Language: Dutch Ticketsale via webshop SG Erasmus

Tickets: Students: €5,- / employees: €10,-

More information: Website RO Theater

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