Mon Oct 15, 2018 | 16:00 - 17:30 | Theatre |

The Future of Europe

Join European Commissioner Violeta Bulc in a discussion on the Future of Europe.

*Due to unforeseen circumstances, Commissioner Tibor Navracsics is not able to attend the event in Rotterdam in 15 October. We are happy to inform you that Commissioner Violeta Bulc for transport will attend the event in his place.

Uncertainty about the effects of a Brexit, lingering divisions between the East and West of Europe and a rapidly changing digital landscape: Europe is facing many economic and societal challenges. Which skills do you need to meet these challenges?  How can young people be empowered to find their places in our future societies?

Education and transport are at the top of the political agenda!
In 2017, the EU celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus program, a program that has enabled over 9 million students across Europe to study or work abroad. One of the initiatives to celebrate Erasmus+ is´Move2Learn, Learn2Move´, which enables 5000 young students to exchange their learning experiences with students in different countries. It was the first program that coupled mobility with maximum CO2 emission criteria. How can we make sure decarbonation and mobility go hand in hand in the future? How is it possible to make transport more digital, efficient and integrated?

Discuss this and other challenges in the field of pollution, education and digitalisation with EU Commissioner Bulc for transport! Join the debate and speak up for the Europe you want!

It’s about the Future of Europe, Let’s Talk.

More information
Date: 15 October
Time: 16.00 – 17.30 hours
Location: Erasmus Paviljoen
Moderator: Rogier Eshout
Spoken language: English
Entrance: Free, registration necessary

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Organised by Studium Generale and European Commission.
# EUdialogues,  #FutureOfEurope

In cooperation with The Eastern European Students Association – EESA

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