To prevent waste, our menu changes every day. You can find the menu on our chalkboards.


 (everyday from 11:00 till 16:00) 6

Meat: Grilled sausage, bbq mayonnaise, grilled bell pepper, mixed salad

Fish: Smoked salmon, tarragon mayonnaise, capers, cress, mixed salad

Vegetarian: Herbs creamcheese, cucumber, mixed salad

Vegan: Babaganoush, zucchini, sesame, mixed salad

Hot sandwich

Hotdog, turkey merguez, avocado spread, crispy onion 7.50


Onionsoup, cheese small 4 big 5


Fish: Mackerel, avocado, tomato, red onion, egg, chipotle mayonnaise, mixed salad 9.25, big 10.25

Vegetarian: Goatcheese, peach, zucchini, mixed nuts, raisins, mixed salad, honey small 9.25, big 10.25

Pavilion bowl

Sushi rice, sesame chicken, soybeans, corn, cauliflower, cucumber, bellpepper, sesame sauce 10.75

Also available in vega(n) option


Fried cauliflower, tahinisauce, pinenuts 3

Day special

Bavette steak, rosevall potatoes, season vegetables, rosemary/garlic jus 14


Vegetarian: Penne, broccoli sauce, zucchini, tomatoes, haselnuts, ricotta salata (cheese) 10.75, big 11.75

Fish: Spaghetti marinara, fruits del mer, tomato sauce, capers, parsley small 10.75, big 11.75

Extra toppings:
Rucola, parmesan cheese, + 0.75


Crème fraiche, bacon, mozzarella, red onion, rucola 8.25


Pita, vegetarian minched meat, feta, tomato, salad, thoussandisland vinaigrette 8.95


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