(everyday from 8:30 till 10:30) 4.95

Bun, croissant, a boiled egg, a slice of cheese and smoked chicken, jam and butter,

a cup of coffee, tea, cappuccino or espresso

(orange juice = +1.50)


 (everyday from 11:00 till 16:00) 6.50

Meat: Smoked chicken, carrot, cucumber, radish, truffle mayonnaise, mixed salad

Fish: Mackerel salad, capers, lemon mayonnaise, mixed salad, cress

Vegetarian: Farmers cheese, mayonnaise, cucumber, tomato, egg, mixed salad

Vegan: Caponata, rucola, mixed nuts, cress

Hot sandwich (available till 16:00)

Pulled chicken, bbq sauce, small salad 7.75


Asparagus soup small 4.25 big 5.25


Meat: Carpaccio, parmesancheese, pinenuts, mixed salad, puffed tomatoes, truffle mayonnaise 9.75, big 10.75

Vegetarian: Halloumi, bulgur, dry fruit, zucchini, framboise/mint vinaigrette, mixed salad, walnuts, figs 9.75, big 10.75

Pavilion bowl

Sushi rice, bimi, corn, cucumber, bok choy, samphire, shrimps, thai sauce, sesame, crispy onions 11.25

Also available in vega(n) option


Bimi, olive oil, balsamic, pinenuts 4

Day special

Fish of the day, bimi, samphire, couscous, antiboise, lemon 15


Vegetarian: Penne, asparagus, spring onion, asparagus creamsauce, parsley, parmesancheese  11, big 12

Meat: Spaghetti, artichoke, olives, bacon, tomato basil sauce, parmesan cheese small 11, big 12

Extra toppings:
Rucola, parmesan cheese, + 0.75


Crème fraiche, mozzarella, bimi, mushrooms, truffle oil 8.50


Roti flatbread, chicken masala, season vegetables, egg 9.25



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