Building design

The Erasmus Paviljoen has been built in the new heart of Woudestein campus, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Designed by Powerhouse Company and De Zwarte Hond, it plays an essential  role in focusing and charging the newly created public space, both functionally and symbolically. Situated at the junction of the 2 main axes and universally oriented, the building provides a focal point to the campus – there where research meets business and academia mingles with culture. From anywhere in the Paviljoen there is a view on the campus, due to the glass façades and the differences in level inside the building.

The Paviljoen’s design is an integrated approach, based on programming as well as intimacy, flexibility, sustainability and architecture. This has resulted in a building which not only adapts to daily changes in weather or of seasons, but also to the events it hosts. The building’s façade mediates between the exterior and interior, consisting as it does of louvered shutters. These open or close depending on the amount of sunlight, thus creating dynamic insulation and a façade which literally adjusts to weather and light. An energy-efficient feature.

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