Our kitchen

We have a menu with pizzas, pastas, salads and a variation of other delicious meals. This menu changes every week.
This way our chefs can work with seasonal products and are always on the look out for new recipes for you.
Where possible we work with organic and local products, all prepared in our own kitchen.

Our kitchen is specialized in making vegetarian- and vegan dishes. Almost all the dishes can be made vegetarian or vegan.
For example the mozzarella on the pizza can be changed into vegan cheese.
We also don’t forget about people who eat glutenfree. You can see on the menu what is glutenfree and we also got glutenfree pasta.
For all your diet wishes, just ask our staff.

We work with Too Good To Go. An app that reduces food waste.
When we have left over good food, we will make packaches and put them on Too Good To Go.
Win-win. We won’t throw away food and you can have an amazing meal for a small price.

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